April 10, 2014

slow bathroom progress

The hallway bathroom is taking forever to complete, but it's okay because I know how (hopefully) awesome it'll look when it's done. The hardest part, the floor, is all finished thanks to my talented brother-in-law. 

Here's what's on the list:

- replace tile floor
- replace tub faucet
- replace sink faucet
- move and replace light
- remove cabinet doors
- baskets for shelves
- longer shower curtain
- hooks for back of door
- pick paint colors
- prime and paint

I keep noticing little details that need to be worked out as I make my way through these changes. A replacement tub faucet has been hard to find since we have two separate handles for hot and cold water and most stores have one control for both. Most major brands don't even make this kind of faucet anymore, so we are limited to looking at the big box stores. We're not ripping out the subway tiles since they were freshly done before the house went up for sale, but I wonder why they weren't done up to the ceiling. 

The towel rack situation was also tricky, because there really wasn't a good place for it. I ended up taking it out and going with towel hooks on the door. Finding the right size baskets and containers for the shelves was a challenge because the space is limited, but Target happened to have matching baskets that fit those awkward shelves. It always looks worse before it gets better, right? I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the curtains yet, whether I take them out, change them, or keep them.

I'm painting the inside of those shelves with Sherwin-Williams Relaxed Khaki, the same color we used in our master bathroom. The rest of the walls will be Sherwin-Williams White Duck; it ties together the dark floor, beige details, and white trim and tile.

I think maybe with a few more rainy days, I'll be able to complete everything. This might actually be the first room that is 100% done!

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