April 8, 2014

damage a dog can do

I've lived with dogs since I can remember, but I wasn't prepared for this kind of damage.

 Our Mila may be small, but she's very ambitious. Nothing is too large or heavy for her, and no obstacle too difficult. She is fearless, stubborn, and smart, which makes for a scary combination.

I remember we had a black poodle named Bobik when I was very little. Shoes were his delicacy. Our childhood dog, Saba #1, was very well trained and never got into anything. When we came to the United States we got Saba #2 (yes, and there's actually a total of three Sabas now). Her choice was laundry, preferably dirty, but she didn't discriminate. She stopped chewing things as she got older and is still the perfect dog, even at almost 14. We could deal, all it took was putting away our shoes and laundry and we were in the clear with all our dogs.

Mila on the other hand, she'll try a little bit of everything. She's into wood one day, wicker the next, leather shoes (only expensive ones, she has standards), laundry on laundry days, trash when it's available, plants when they're freshly watered, and books, because she likes to read when we're not home. 

Update: The picture above is the leaning Sloane bookshelf from Crate & Barrel. This color is discontinued but I was able to get replacement shelves for $25! Yesss!

I didn't get a picture of the shoe basket after it was destroyed, but let's just say there was very little basket left. The new one I got from HomeGoods is metal, so she moved on to other things.

I got a bitter spray but the moment I use it, she moves on to something new. We kept her in the kitchen and put a gate up everyday, but she started escaping and I began noticing some teeth marks on the cabinets. Baskets and books are easier to replace than our kitchen cabinets, so we gave her the run of the house. I know there are dogs that can do much worse, but I think her tiny size threw us off. How can something so little and cute do so much damage? Here's to hoping she grows out of this chewing phase ... please let this be a phase.

Sorry she's not sorry.

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