February 4, 2014

woodsy decor

I recently realized that there's a common theme in our home. It wasn't planned, it just happened unintentionally and I'm loving the result. Our living room has gotten pretty woodsy and warm ... well at least it appears warm, we actually keep it pretty chilly around here. The wood, rattan, and woven baskets make it feel more cozy since a lot of our furniture is a little on the modern and simple side. As far as trees and wastefulness and responsibility goes, I did think about sustainability. The two pieces we got from Etsy are made from reclaimed wood and and the stump we got from West Elm is FSC certified, more on that here 'We Care: West Elm'.
Here's a run down of our woodsy living room:

Console from Etsy: It's simple, unique, sturdy, and the perfect home for stuff like keys, mail, cards, etc. As a bonus, a big basket fits underneath for shoe storage.

Mirror from World Market: This was a necessity, I had to run upstairs to use a mirror before, but besides the obvious functionality, it's really pretty.

Media cabinet from Etsy: It fits everything including those huge cable boxes, doesn't make our giant TV look so giant, and makes the living room feel more casual.

Side table from West Elm: This isn't just a tree stump, it's the perfect side table and stool. I wish I could say I cut it down somewhere myself, but I'll settle for free delivery.

Tray from West Elm: I wouldn't use this as a serving tray, but it makes a nice coffee table centerpiece. The wood is a neutral background or can be the decoration itself.

Basket from Crate & Barrel: This basket cost less than an identical one half its size! I guess they had a lot of them left over since no one needs a basket this enormous, but it's a perfect fit for our table.

So our scattered and empty house is slowly looking more complete. It's been pretty fun getting all these separate pieces and seeing everything come together. It's amazing how somehow things just work!

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