February 7, 2014

new island counter

My parents have always been huge fans of renovations and they see huge potential in literally everything. And this is where I realize that I'm more like my parents than I ever thought. They were one of the main reasons I started this whole blog thing, so they could be in the loop on our plans, progress, and finished projects. Even though they have tons of great suggestions, we update things as we have time and money, so it's been slow following up on their visions. The one thing both my mom and dad kept insisting was that we add a hard surface to our Ikea kitchen cart. I put it on the bottom of our list since I felt we had other projects I'd like to finish first. 

I actually liked that the cart was all wood and all one color, but it wasn't useful as additional counter space. The wooden top is porous and very soft, so I didn't use it often. It just so happened that my dad was getting some things delivered from Poland, so he figured he could order a slab and ship it along with everything else he was already getting. I gave him the measurements of the wooden top and thought the slab could have a cutout to fit over the cart instead of permanently gluing it. He sent me the website of the manufacturer and I picked out a few options that I liked. My dad ordered two, one that I picked out, a light marble, and one he picked out, a gray quartz. To my huge surprise, I like his pick better! It has a more uniform look, like our existing quartz, and the gray ties in our stainless steel appliances. Since it fits over the wooden top, we can take it off or switch it out with the lighter marble top. It may sound crazy to order such a small piece of quartz from Poland, but it's actually a lot cheaper and the quality is amazing. Plus my dad offered, so why not?

It's so convenient that I find myself using it every time I cook, it's not just extra space for when I unload the dishwasher or groceries. Before, cleaning was a pain, paper towels would shred on the rough wood and drinks would leave rings. Now, it's as easy to care for as our existing quartz counters. 

I also wanted to mention a little trash update we did, since it's right next to the cart. We had a plastic narrow trash can before that was fine but kind of annoying to open. When we added little Mila to our family, this trash can became problem. She quickly realized that if she attacked the trash can, it would fall over and she could have fun with all the awesome things we threw away. 

So we got a new one! I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond and it was expensive, but luckily it was a floor model and I had a coupon. 

So thanks to my parents, we have an awesome cart with a pretty counter! Now we're just hoping the little one doesn't figure out a way to knock over this trash can ...

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