January 16, 2014

reclaimed media cabinet

We've been using an Ikea Expedit series bookshelf as a TV stand and media cabinet since we moved in together over three years ago. Three years?!?! Anyway, I got it for my studio apartment years ago and I plan on keeping it for a while. It's one Ikea piece that never ages, mainly because it doesn't have moving parts, and it's a really useful and versatile piece of furniture. That said, I wanted something that worked well with the existing furniture.

After finding the reclaimed wood console on Etsy, I checked out the seller's other furniture. He made some really nice things, and among them was a 65" media cabinet. It had clean lines, a similar look to the console I was getting, and it was huge. After doing some measuring to make sure our cable boxes fit, I ordered it without hesitation. As far as media cabinets go, this one was fairly inexpensive considering its size and material, but it was risky spending that much money on something I didn't see in person. To top it off, it was not refundable unless it arrived damaged ... risky, risky, risky. The husband was a bit skeptical since he likes see things in person and when shipping was delayed for the third time, he began to question the Etsy shop's integrity. I started to get pretty nervous myself, but we received everything by Christmas Eve. The husband and I attached the legs, moved the Ikea bookshelf upstairs, rearranged the shelf contents, and we plan on getting someone to eventually mount the TV so that we have a guaranteed installation. I imagine it'll look a lot different once the TV is hanging on the wall, but this is what our Etsy media cabinet looks like now:

The before and after pictures are from different angles, but you get the idea. The bigger cabinet really makes a difference in how the TV is perceived, it looked so enormous before and now it seems to be in proportion with the rest of the room. The next step is to research hanging the huge TV and hiding the wires in the wall, it'll be a huge change for this corner!

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