January 7, 2014

above sofa update

I have a few pretty exciting updates for those who haven't been over our house during the holidays! We got some things done and delivered just in time for Christmas, so there's a bunch of posts coming up this month. Here's an update on what we decided to hang above the sofa: frames!

The empty wall:

The inspiration:

Once again, I bought a bunch of Ikea frames, dark brown this time, and hung them just like I hung the stairway frames. The one thing I did differently this time was measure between the frames so that there was a little more order, I left about two inches between them for balance. Another thing that helped the wall look less random was creating a straight line at the sofa. If you look at the frames lining the sofa, they are all aligned and give the gallery wall some organization. I was able to order all the photos for the frames with free overnight shipping as a Christmas promotion, not a bad deal. Oh, and the thermostat is not as obvious now, it's kind of hidden in frames so I can't complain.

The husband and I decided to go with a travelling theme, so all the pictures are ones we took when we visited different places. I originally wanted to hang a large map, but the travelling theme serves as our 'map' of places we've been in a more personal way. The one in the center is the Philadelphia Waterworks, and although it's not really a far away place, it's a picture I took right before the husband proposed, so I think it deserves to be in the center! The other photos are from Poland, Florida, Southern California, New Orleans, and of course our honeymoon spot, Antigua. As we take trips we'll update the wall so we can reminisce and never forget to keep travelling.

I can't say we got everything on our list done, but we did get a lot accomplished. I can't wait to share all the progress!

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