December 3, 2013

hallway corner decor

Our upstairs hallway is tiny and there's not much space for anything besides walking to the rooms and opening doors. That's what hallways are for, circulation, but now that we have pictures all along the staircase, it seemed a bit empty. I pretty much forgot about it since there are other parts of the house that still need some TLC. Here's the lonely corner:

One weekend when I was returning something at HomeGoods, I saw this bright turquoise corner cabinet that immediately made me think of the empty hallway corner. On my way to find someone to help me, I stumbled upon an identical one in a more muted color, an blueish-greenish gray. I knew I had to bring it home to see if it fit, and I could always return it if it didn't.

It looked really empty above the cabinet, so I thought I'd just imitate the staircase wall and hang some frames randomly. I used the same style white Ikea frames and hung them in a similar pattern to the staircase.

There was still something missing. I thought a small lamp might brighten up the hallway at night and make the cabinet look less useless, because let's face it, it's just filling an empty corner. I got the ivy plant from Ikea, and found the lamp on sale at Target on a very successful shopping trip with a friend.

Here it is at night:

The hallway and staircase are complete! Now let's hope I can keep the ivy alive ...

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