November 5, 2013

the home office

When we were in the early stages of looking at houses, one of the biggest perks of our home was the addition. No one knew what to call it, bonus room, study, fourth bedroom, office, the list goes on (I kept calling it 'the study' which sounds fancier than it is). I really liked having a dedicated space for important documents, memorabilia, and all the junk that goes along with being an adult, mainly bills. It's a slightly awkward room because you have to walk through the master bedroom, but it's great space for getting work done since it's separate from the rest of the house and distractions. To top it off, our office gets the most sunlight out of any other room in the house.

When I think of an office, I imagine mahogany furniture and cigar bars. I'm not prepared to turn this small room into a real man-cave, so I'm mixing dark wood furniture with some off-white pieces to brighten it up. Here's a second floor layout with the office highlighted:

The Stuff

We knew that we wanted to move our existing sofa into the office, it's comfortable, the perfect size, and has the 'right look'. We had to take off our bedroom door to make it fit, but it's in the office!

The desk we got at Raymour & Flanigan was sort of an impulse buy when we were at the store. Without any measuring, it fits like a glove in this corner, I mean, to the quarter inch! I realized the chair would be perfect if it was off-white, a little too late.

I wanted to get an off-white ottoman/coffee table and media cabinet to brighten up the room, but I didn't want to spend too much money in the office since it's a room that no one really sees other than us. Ikea seemed like an obvious choice.

Ikea Ektorp Storage Ottoman/Coffee Table

I bought this huge white mirror that turned out to be enormous for the space. Even though I liked the larger mirror, it seemed out of proportion with the rest of the room. I ended up getting a white version of the smaller mirror that we already own. (Ikea Hemnes Mirror & Ikea Stave Mirror)

The Room

This is what I'm thinking:

Things to do:

- hang tv above media cabinet
- hang shelf above tv
- hang frames above sofa and desk
- hang mirror
- get tray for ottoman
- put away boxes of memorabilia 
- organize desk storage

I hope to be done with most of the 'to do' list before the husband's busy season. Two months left!

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