November 19, 2013

our sectional is here

After months of a patience testing backorder, we finally have our 'Levin' Room & Board sectional!

Let me start by saying it's really comfy, we like soft cushions and these down-filled ones are not disappointing. Since it's a pretty big sectional, I was worried it would take over the room and all you'd see is a sofa, but the color lets it blend in and it doesn't dominate at all. I love the fabric, its got the durability and softness of microsuede without the marks that are created every time you touch it. I have no idea what to call this phenomenon so below is a Google image to show the imperfections of microsuede, I'd go crazy brushing the lines away all the time:


I've mentioned before that finding a sectional was tough, because I'm less than average height and the husband is more than average height. It may sound ridiculous, but it's a real problem (kind of like short people trying to find tall boots, but that's a story for another day). I wanted to curl my legs up and the husband wanted to sit without his knees overhanging too much, so a deep seat cushion was a must. After we visited the store, we knew we had to get the Levin sectional because it fit us both perfectly.

The back is low so it supports the neck and head when you're lounging, and the seat cushions are deep allowing both of us to sit comfortably. At first I thought the low back cushions were just the mid-century modern look, but there's really a reason, it's comfy.

See what I did there with the red pillow and red china cabinet? And the blue pillow and chairs and the blue dining room rug?

We've had it for about four weeks now, here are my thoughts so far:

-  With regular fluffing, it retains its shape but stays soft.
- The fabric is holding up well; it does not pill and vacuums easily.
- It's really comfortable and you don't really need extra pillows behind your back for extra support.
- It stays in tact, meaning we don't have to keep moving the cushions back into place.
- It fits all our guests!

- I can't flip the left seat cushion and the right lounge cushion because of the way they are cut.
- We have to be careful about snacking on the sofa so it doesn't get really dirty.
- It's blocking a vent and I'm not sure how that's going to affect it long term. However, you can still feel the warm/cold air flowing under the sofa.

Now, about this huge blank wall ...

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