November 21, 2013

more on the front door

No, we didn't paint the front door yet, but it's definitely happening sometime before Christmas.  It's dark outside when we get home from work these days, and since painting in the dark is not an option, we have a few precious weekends for our favorite pastime, painting. That's sarcasm, we don't like painting, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not excited about changing up the front door. I listened to some family suggestions and wanted to try some options that haven't crossed my mind before. I know, why don't I just go get some paint and be done ... well, there's a good explanation for why I'm over-thinking this. Our neighborhood was built around the same time and a lot, if not most, of the houses are brick colonials. They're all pretty similar, but each owner added a little something to make their home unique. Painting the front door is a small change that will make a huge impact on the look of our home, but it's also easy to repaint so we're not stuck with something we hate forever. Based on the previous door color post and new suggestions, these are the finalists:

Taupe: This is a light brown/off-white color that reflects what's going on inside, which is basically beige everywhere. 
Verdict: Although it really grew on me, I'm thinking it may be a little too mellow for the front door.

Yellow: Photoshopping a yellow door is really difficult, this is not the yellow I was imagining. Think a deep, warm, almost golden yellow that works well with the green shutters.
Verdict: It's bright and happy, but probably way too risque for our neighborhood.

Eggplant: This color is a darker shade of purple, and it really works nicely with the dark green shutters on our home. 
Verdict: I like this option a lot, but the husband may need some convincing since purple is not his color.

Green: The green door would match our existing green shutters, which would really make the house look nice and traditional.
Verdict: Besides leaving the door white, this is definitely the safest choice, but it does bring up the issue of trying to match the existing green.

Clearly, we have some decisions to make, but I won't be revealing anything until the painting is done. I never thought I'd look forward to painting something!

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