November 14, 2013

framed hallway pictures

A few weeks ago (maybe a few months ago now), I hung fifteen frames on the wall adjacent to our staircase. Since then, I've added three more small frames, and began figuring out what pictures I want to put in them. I realized it's not as easy as just sticking a bunch of pictures in the frames, since I have to know the sizes and whether they're horizontal or vertical. Plus, most people keep their pictures digital, including me, and printing them is an extra step I usually don't take. It's really a shame that we take so many pictures but never print them.

Besides working on the staircase wall, I did something about all the frames we had on our living room bookshelf. I spray painted the frames white and added more updated pictures. I've been seeing the look of white frames and accents on bookshelves on different decorating blogs, and I thought it would make our bookshelf look less hodgepodge. Here's a picture before I spray painted the frames:

I ordered all the pictures from Snapfish and I gotta say, the quality is awesome. My only complaint is that delivery took forever ... delivery tracking showed the packages being held up in Philadelphia, so it may not be Snapfish's fault. I didn't realize when I was buying all the Ikea frames that the sizes are a bit funny, but I made it work and ordered the closest standard photo sizes to the not-so-standard frames. Here are the results:

And the bookshelf, with a little more organization ...

I've decided that I am going to fill our home with pictures. This small project showed me how many great photos we have of our family, our friends, our vacations, and we don't get to see any of it. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of stuff laying around, and I've mentioned before that I really believe less is more, but I don't think I'll get sick of seeing our memories on the walls.

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