November 12, 2013

changing the front door

We were going to change our front door to allow more light in and have a more similar look to the rest of the house, instead of a half-round window we wanted a rectangular one. But once quotes started coming in, we realized we didn't want to spend $700 or more on a door, especially when we could slap on some paint and make it look new.  Our front door doesn't get any direct sun, which means the insulation stays in tact, and it's got some really cute details like a mail slot and lion's head knocker. We're keeping it! The storm door has seen better days, so that's definitely getting replaced ... if you come to our house and the screen door knob falls off, don't panic, happens to us everyday. Winter seems to be right around the corner, so I think we should take care of the door before any real snow falls.

------ what we have (keeping it) vs. what we wanted ------


Boring white door:

Awesome lion door knocker ...

Since the shutters are in good shape, we're keeping them because I've read horror stories about painting vinyl shutters. At first, I thought a green door to match the shutters or a red door as an accent would be perfect. As for all that brass, we already bought a door handle and lock in oil-rubbed bronze, and we'll spray paint the mail slot, kick plate, and door knocker with some Rust-Oleum paint which works great on metal surfaces.

I did a little Photoshop to try out some colors on our door. The husband likes the green door because it matches the shutters, but I'm not totally convinced yet.

Green Door:
- safe choice, matches the shutters

Red Door:
- maybe too much red with the bricks

Blue Door:
- not sure about the green and blue together

Yellow Door:
- too bright

Brown Door:
- closest to a 'wood' look, but it's too dark

Nothing is stopping us from painting our front door some ridiculous color, but what's wrong with the basics? Since the houses in our neighborhood are pretty close together, I'd like our home to fit in. I have no idea which color we should go with, but just looking at the Photoshopped colors, I think I like the green, red, and blue the best.

Opinions and suggestions welcome!


  1. Awesome Photoshop skills :)
    What about an eggplant or Burgundy colour?

  2. And if you choose to paint your shutters, we've been using exterior spray paint and it always comes out well-- just power wash and label those bad boys prior!! Good luck with the project :) miss ya!

    1. Glad to hear painting the shutters worked out! I think we'll stick with the door for now and think about updating the shutters down the road. Ooo I like the eggplant and burgundy idea :)