November 26, 2013

centerpiece wall art

Our sectional is against a big blank wall, and it's in need of a little something. Hanging one painting that's around 100" wide seems a bit overwhelming, and there's so many options, abstract, landscape, famous art, mirror, wall sculpture, gallery wall. I think broken up wall art works best on a wall that size, but I decided to try a few options before making a final decision, obviously.

1. The husband mentioned hanging a huge print from our engagement shoot, but that would make us seem conceited, right? I love the picture, but there's no way this is happening.

2. We could do a large map like this one from Restoration Hardware. I fell in love when I saw it hanging in the store, but there's two problems with it, it's a little too 'vintage' and it's way too expensive. Oh, and it looks boring.

3. We could do broken up maps (or paintings) like the ones I found at Ballard Designs. They have more color and I like having three smaller ones hanging versus one large one. 
 ballard designs

4. We could continue the idea from the staircase and hang a white frame gallery wall. It looks fine, but it seems to get lost on the huge wall. I think we need something with a little more intensity.

5. We could do a more organized gallery wall using darker frames. It brings in the dark wood we have in our living room and it would allow us to display more pictures, but it does have potential to get busy. Also, I'm not sure I am capable of hanging an 'organized' gallery wall.

6. We could hang one large painting that ties in all the colors of the living and dining rooms. It would bring the room to life and make it look more cohesive.

7. I could wait and see what I find at HomeGoods.

8. I could paint something myself.

I would like to have something hanging before Christmas so I don't think I'll leave it to chance. I'm leaning towards 5, dark frame gallery wall, and 6, one cohesive painting. The gallery wall gives us another opportunity to dig up some old photos, and the one large painting brightens up the room and brings in all the colors. I have a feeling the gallery wall will win this one, it's less expensive and we are be able to change the photos as much as we like. This is the kind of project I look forward to, quick and easy!


  1. i love catching up on your blog! (im living vicariously through you with all these home improvements/designs/ideas) :)

    youre faaaarrrrrr too talented to keep it to yourself -- paint something!!

    1. Haha I wouldn't say I'm far too talented, but I'll definitely need to paint something soon, it's been a while. Glad you're enjoying our projects, you'll have to come visit soon (maybe when it's not snowing every day)!