October 29, 2013

living room purchases

A rug and two chairs can be checked off our 'things we don't really need but should get' list, and I'm pretty excited. It feels good to move on to bigger, better things, like maybe finally painting the kitchen. Even though I did a seriously insane amount of online research, I ended up trusting my gut and purchasing an awesome rug at HomeGoods. It came down to three things that I was not willing to compromise:

1. price
2. quality
3. versatility

Buying a rug online is risky for obvious reasons, you don't see it in person so the color and texture may be off. Even though a lot of retailers offer free delivery, we'd have to pay for return shipping if we didn't like it, and let's just say that returns tend to get pricey when you're dealing with a 9'x12' rug. I visited HomeGoods once a week and even asked the manager when they typically get shipments of rugs, which I found out is totally unpredictable. Well, my persistence paid off and I took a rug home! I love the versatility of our new rug and that it looks simple at first but has a really unique texture once you see and feel it up close.

Here's some rug info:

- Broyhill brand, just like our dining room rug
- Hand-made wool construction
- 8'x11', which is one foot less on each side than I wanted
- Really thick pile, around 1/2" to 1", so it's soft
- It sheds since it's hand-made, but it's easy to vacuum

I also ordered some 'test' chairs from Target, and to my surprise we ended up keeping them. The husband put them together, and they turned out to be the perfect size and color. They're small enough to make getting around the living room easy, and they're perfect conversation chairs that allow people to sit around the coffee table. They're pretty comfortable but I have to say, I wouldn't lounge in them and watch a movie ... we have our sectional for that (it arrived!)

Throughout this whole house decorating process, I've come to really respect Interior Designers (except maybe Hildi Santo-Tomas because THIS). Coming from the architecture side of things, I definitely didn't give them enough credit. Getting a room totally completed is a lot harder than it looks!

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