September 18, 2013

staircase full of photos

We've been so busy with life since we've moved in nine months ago, that I recently realized we haven't displayed any new family pictures, wedding pictures, or engagement pictures. I have no pictures of my niece to look at, none of my or my husband's extended family, and not even my family's dogs. I've been thinking of doing a cliché frame collage along our staircase for a while now, and was considering black frames and white frames, so I took a random Ikea trip to see what kind of frames they have for cheap. I ended up getting tons of white and off-white picture frames on a whim, and figured that I can always return them.

When I got home, I laid them all out in our empty living room and played around with a few arrangements to see what works and what doesn't. After this completely unplanned shopping trip, and completely unplanned purchase, I realized I'm totally in love with this idea and couldn't wait to get the frames on the wall.

The tricky part, how do I get the layout on the floor to work on the wall? I didn't feel like doing measuring and thinking and analyzing, so I started with the biggest frames and sort of winged it. I stood back a few times to see how it's looking and worked my way to the smallest frames. I used a few of those frame hooks that come with special nails and a bunch of regular nails.

Clearly we need to work on the lighting situation in the living room, it's so dark! Also, as a side note, opening the backs to the Ikea frames is a huge pain, literally. I used my fingers for the first few and moved on to using pliers to bend the metal pieces back.

I think we could use a few more frames to fill in a little more, but it'll do. Now we just need to pick out the pictures; I plan on changing some of them every year before the holidays, so that we get to enjoy more than the fifteen hanging on the wall all year.

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