September 20, 2013

searching for a dining room rug

I think most people would agree that rugs not only look awesome on wood floors but they're also really functional. I also quickly found out rugs are expensive. Really, really expensive.

So naturally, I went to HomeGoods. I went there more often than I'd like to admit and found a huge rug for our living room that I couldn't walk away from. Actually, I did walk away for a few minutes, but came right back because I was scared someone would take it. I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this kind of HomeGoods mentality, but I'm always scared people are taking the things I want. Anyway, we had no furniture so my plan was to build the room based on this rug.

- The tag on it said Broyhill, which is a Denver based company.
- It has an intricate pattern and I haven't seen anything like it online.
- It's about 8' x 10', but I guesstimated the size I needed.
- The pile is about 1/2 inch and it feels really soft.
- It's handmade from wool, so it'll last a long time.
- It does shed a little, but it's expected in the beginning since it's handmade.

The dining room was proving to be a little more difficult because we needed to find a rug based on furniture we already had. I was thinking something light beige with a little bit of a pattern that works with the living room rug. I also had to make sure the pile wasn't too high and soft since it's going in the dining room, so it needs to be easy to sweep and vacuum.

Looking for a large rug that wasn't crazy expensive was proving to be difficult. It didn't help that I was having a hard time imagining the rug with the furniture. While doing way too much online shopping for rugs (Overstock, Wayfair, Target, Joss & Main, One Kings Lane, Ballard Designs, Home Decorators ....) I quickly realized that there are identical rugs across many of these websites. The only difference I could find between some of these identical rugs were the prices. It just goes to show that a little bit of online research can save you hundreds of dollars.

Here are some rugs that I found online and in store that I could possibly see in our dining room:

- doesn't go with the intricate pattern of the living room rug

Gaylord Area Rug
home decorators
- not sold on the pattern

- love the pattern, but a bit too simple

Then my mom came over our house to finally see the new kitchen in real life. We went to HomeGoods, like we always do, and she shared my struggle in finding the perfect rug for the dining room. It was impossible to find something comparable to the living room rug anywhere! So my mom suggested seeing how the rug we already have will look in the dining room. There's no way this huge rug would fit in the dining room, and how's a blue rug going to look with a red cabinet? Well, I attempted this switch one afternoon, and I was amazed how awesome it looks. Note to self, don't attempt moving a huge rug under a really heavy table again ... my poor back!

Dining room before we moved in:

Dining room after paint, curtains, and furniture:

Moving the 8'x10' rug and rug pad (the most annoying part) into the dining room was really hard and I probably should've waited for the husband to help me. But I did it, and I love it! I had no idea the blue and red could work, but now that I see it, the colors, pattern, and size of the rug all look perfect (in my opinion).

The kitchen wall still needs to be painted ...
Now I feel like the chandelier needs more oomph, but it's the first thing we changed in this room, so it's gotta stay ... for now.

Now that I moved our existing rug, I need to find a living room replacement. Great, another long search begins, maybe I'll be less analytical this time ... so much for "building our living room based on this rug".

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