September 12, 2013

our house number

A house number can be really important, if you believe in that stuff. I'm kind of superstitious so before we bought our house, I actually looked up the number to see if it's good or bad luck. I wasn't going to let the number sway my decision, but it was fun to read into what it meant.

According to and their Feng Shui expert, these are the general meanings:

1 - unobstructed flow of energy, new beginnings
2 - balance, choice, cooperation
3 - creativity, family, self-expression
4 - stability, grounding, security
5 - change, resourcefulness, adventure
6 - calm, patience
7 - contemplation, self-evaluation, solitude
8 - infinity, abundance, success in business
9 - accomplishment, attainment

Our number is 600. So what you do is add all the single numbers up until you get one, 6 + 0 + 0 = 6. Our house number is 6, calm and patience. I was kind of relieved, but all the numbers represent something positive so you really can't go wrong (apparently the number 4 is bad because of the way it sounds in Chinese, but does that matter in the US? That goes way beyond my research). Anyway, I wanted to update the look of our house number since it was hard to see from the street. I went to Lowe's to see what I could find, because honestly, I wasn't about to make it a huge project. I could have gotten really creative and done something awesome, but I just wanted to clean it up and refresh it. It came down to white-on-black or black-on-white numbers (I know, so exciting):

google images

Boring? Yes. But it's easy to read and easy to clean. I did stumble upon this awesome idea:

paper & stitch

We have spiders that build pretty impressive cobwebs every night, that I knock down every morning, and I can't imagine having to clean webs out of all those nails. (I can't believe these are the things I worry about now ...) I ended up making the decision based on what is easier to see, white background and dark numbers. Even though it's not a big or noticeable change, I'm proud to say it's really 'our' number now. Plus, as the husband pointed out, it pretty much glows in the dark, no one is going to miss our number at night!

My process: I took off the numbers and sanded the piece of wood that's attached to the brick. I wiped it down and let it dry off. Next I taped painters tape around the perimeter and painted the wood with glossy, exterior, white all-in-one primer and paint. I covered it with four thin coats of paint, until you couldn't see the black paint through the white, and allowed it to fully dry between coats. Then the husband helped me space the numbers out and we screwed them into the wood. Easy.

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