August 7, 2013

we have knobs now

After settlement, one of the first things we did to make our house a home was buy matching door knobs for the whole house. We saw this as an easy upgrade that would make everything look more put together. Well, of course, it couldn't be simple.

Each solid wood door had a different knob, and upon removing them, we realized each opening was a different size and shape. The drill bit we got at Lowe's to make the holes fit our new knobs didn't make a dent in the doors.

Desperate, and living with no door knobs and no privacy (bathroom anyone?), we asked our kitchen contractor for help. He let us borrow a special drill bit and anchor, which worked better than we expected. With a little muscle and a lot of patience, we finally had pretty and matching door knobs.

There are still a few doors that stick because the paint is too thick in some spots, but I'll take that over having random holes in all the doors. Especially the bathroom . . . when we have quests.

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