August 14, 2013

pushy salesman in our home

Well played Home Depot, well played. I fell for their trick, but it won't happen again.

I went to Home Depot near our home and on the way out picked up a packet that said 'Free Water Test'. Being a new homeowner, I wasn't sure what kind of water we had, so I thought it might be a good idea to find out. I thought it was just a simple Home Depot test, and after sending it in I would get a call telling me the results.

We were told we have hard water, no surprise there, and that we could have a home water test to show us the effects this has on our home, courtesy of Home Depot. I thought, it's free, educational, and 15 minutes of our time, why not?

It turned out to be an unwelcome, extremely pushy salesman trying to convince us to get a water filtration system for our home. It was 3 hours of him refusing to give up and attempting to make us think it's a free system, when in fact it was not free at all. It cost $6,400. Yes, over $5,000 for a water filtration system, but wait, there's more! You get a five year supply of soaps and cleaning products from this shady brand you've never heard of! Did I mention you also get a year subscription to a coupon book service?! Oh, we have to tell you if we want it on the spot? First of all, I like to research my purchases, and second of all, I don't like being deceived.

This is the company website:
Atlantic Water and Air

It's part of this badly reviewed company:
Rain Soft

Really Home Depot? Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be hitting up Lowe's from now on.


  1. Wow. I almost sent a sample of my water as well. It is scary how companies trick customers into getting information and then using it for marketing and sales.

    1. Totally agree. After he came to our house I double checked the water sample kit to see if I missed some fine print, but there's nothing!