August 12, 2013

got some nice curtains

Curtains and blinds are those unexpected expenses you don't see coming, but you absolutely can't live without them. We needed blinds for the bedrooms to block out more light, so that was easy, but decided to go with curtains for the first floor living space to make it more inviting and you know, pretty.

Dilemma: needed privacy, but still wanted natural light coming in
Solution: double rods and simple white curtains with beige panels

------ the look from a google search ------

The white transparent curtains were easy, thanks Target. The second layer of curtains was a harder find. Too light or too dark, too transparent, too stiff. Until, I visited HomeGoods. I went to look at quilts and I left with two huge bags of curtains. How often do you find five matching linen curtains with correct lengths at HomeGood, never!

From the outside, we finally have privacy, and from the inside our house looks dressed up and ready for a party. I could have probably went all out and steamed the curtains, but you know, I have some better things to do.

On a side note, the curtain rods we got were technically the correct length, but since they were extended to their maximum length, they drooped in the middle. Lesson learned, when it comes to curtain rods, the longer, the better.


  1. Anonymous8/12/2013

    That's what she said!
    I know, how mature of me

    1. I swear I didn't realize!