August 22, 2013

getting rid of shrubs

There's a few shrubs against the house that need to be removed. I guess they don't need to be taken out, but I have a vision! It's actually only an idea at this point, but we can't plant anything better until the old ones are gone. Here's a to-do list:

1. The shrub on the side and in front of the porch needs to go, we can't open the car door until you get down the driveway. It's just annoying and I scratch my car against it all the time ... not gonna fly for my future car. Plus, I want some huge hydrangeas in the front.
2. This shrub is in the back of the house, it's too big and I want a wider walkway to the back door. Pretty, just too big.
3 & 4. These two guys. I hate the shape and they're balding on the sides. I want taller, thinner shrubs in their place. I realize how that sounds, but I promise I am not talking about people here!
5. You can barely see this mysterious disappearing shrub. It's really just twigs at this point, so it needs to go to make room for a bigger shrub that gives us privacy.
6. This little one is too small for this corner of our yard. We can see across the fence straight into our neighbors' homes so we need a shrub with some substance.
7 & 8. The closest and farthest shrubs in this picture are going away. They're just sad and look pretty pathetic next to the Azalea in the middle when it flowers.
9. The husband surprised me one day and took out a shrub by himself! This is when I caught him, so I didn't get a before picture, but I have one from our first house visit. It's backbreaking work, so hopefully we have some help with the rest. We pay with beer and food . . . 

One down, eight more to go!

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