July 22, 2013

floor plans and layouts

Like I mentioned before, our house was built in 1938. It's a typical old brick home with a small kitchen and small bathroom. At some point, an addition was done which added an office, master bathroom, and walk-in closet, and we updated our kitchen after we moved in. In general, we have plenty of living space and closet space.

I did a quick sketch of our floor plan, which by no means reflects what I learned in school. It's not to scale and not totally accurate, ain't nobody got time for that.

------ first floor ------

------ second floor ------

We couldn't decide where to put the sofa and the husband's gigantic flat screen. There were two options for the flat screen, in a corner or hanging on a wall.

------ option A ------
- more space in center of room
- larger sectional sofa, lots of seating
- tv farther on media cabinet

------ option B ------
- entryway created
- movable seating, not everyone on sofa
- tv on wall or on media cabinet
- space for bench near door

Option B, flat screen on the wall and a sectional with two chairs won. This layout gave us more of an entryway, which we didn't have before, movable seating, and allowed us to keep our large bookshelf in one piece. We need a lot more furniture to make this happen ... time to go shopping!

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