August 5, 2013

the colors of our home

Typically, picking out paint is really hard for me, there's so many choices! The only reason I didn't go crazy choosing between all the shades of beige was because we had a deadline, and we had to stick to it. At first I thought we'd do some accent walls and get all fancy, but convenience and cost took over. Yes, we did the unthinkable, we paid someone to paint our home. It's expensive and it was a tough decision, but we figured that we'd be painting every weekend for the entire summer to complete the whole house. We chose to splurge than to miss out on our entire summer. It was so worth it.

realist beige: living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway

comfort gray: master bedroom, office

relaxed khaki: master bath

optimistic yellow: bedroom

rainwashed: bedroom

We went with neutral colors from Sherwin Williams because it would make furniture selection easier and not overwhelm the larger rooms. We also chose flat paint which is cheaper and easier to touch up, except in the bathroom which needed to be eggshell.

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