July 19, 2013

old kitchen demo & reno

We didn't originally plan on it, but soon after moving in, decided we needed a new kitchen. It wasn't bad, but years of greasy gunk have been building on the cabinets and no matter how much we cleaned, it was not coming off. It was also small and not well planned.

-------- old kitchen --------

-------- old work triangle --------

-------- new kitchen --------

-------- new work triangle --------
The changes we made:

- Moving the refrigerator created the ideal 'triangle kitchen'
- Keeping the sink, dishwasher and stove in the same locations kept costs down
- Cream cabinets brightened up the space
- Getting rid of the soffit gave us space for taller cabinets
- Opening up the wall made the dining room and kitchen both feel larger
- A small kitchen island made cooking easier with added counter space

-------- original kitchen --------

i only had pictures from the walk-through we did before buying the house:

------- i used a sketchup model to help with design decisions-------

-------- renovation --------

we made holes in the soffit and took pictures to make sure we could take them out:
it wasn't easy picking out materials by just looking at samples:
then demo began quickly:
squared off, not what we wanted:

rounded, much better:
just need the details:
this is how everything else looked, we covered it all with plastic tarps:

So that's our renovation in a nut shell. The final product will be in another post. I can't describe how much I love our new kitchen, and the husband loves it too, mostly because I've been newly obsessed with cooking things.

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