July 18, 2013

the big tree problem

We have an awesome maple tree in our front yard, it gives us shade and is home to some cute animals. We're thinking about cutting it down in the future for a few reasons, but people get really sensitive every time we mention getting rid of it. Our township also requires homeowners to plant trees on their property that equal the trunk circumference of the removed tree. So there's that.

-------- pros --------
- offers shade in the summer
- gives privacy to upstairs bedrooms
- home to cute animals
- fits into the older neighborhood

-------- cons --------
- growing into and damaging our sewage pipes
- drops tons of leaves, 'helicopters', 'monkey balls', twigs
- leaning towards our home
- lifting our sidewalk and making it uneven
- leaves a mess on the roof
- needs occasional and costly trimming

Speaking of tree trimming, I got some quotes. By 'some' I mean three because I personally like to get at least three quotes for any project, just to make sure that we aren't getting ripped off.

1. guy from Craigslist that picked up our window awnings for scrap (apparently he cuts trees down too)
$1500 to prune the tree (you kidding me dude?)
2. small name tree trimmer that met with me and gave me a quote on the spot
$425 to prune the tree
3. big name tree trimmer that came to the house when I wasn't there, was willing to beat lowest bid
$400 to prune tree

I feel like you can't really mess up a tree, so we're going with the lowest bid. I'll do a before and after post of our giant tree . . . it's not the most exciting stuff in the world, but I'm curious how different it will look.

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