July 18, 2013

our yard needs some work

I'll admit it, I didn't know how to turn on a lawn mower. My excuse was that I grew up in a town home, and never had to mow a lawn. Seriously, how did people manage to live their lives before Google?

I learned a lot of probably obvious things, such as:

- Yard work is first and foremost a great workout.
- There are certain shrubs you're supposed to cut down in the winter.
- Changing the direction you mow each time keeps grass growing healthy.
- Pruning allows some plants to flower, but shrubs look good without much trimming.
- Edging makes a yard look somewhat cared for, even if it's not.
- Mulch after all the trees dropped whatever they drop, otherwise it's a waste.

And I learn something new every day.

Winter vs. Spring vs. Summer
Handled this lawn ...
 But not this ...
 Pruning, check out those two purple flowers. Skills.
Single most expensive thing we own, a Japanese Maple.

Edging skills, minus the mulch which makes it even more fab.

Pretty flowers my mommy got us .... and then not so much :(
Yet somehow these survived multiple vacations, too much water, not enough water, and birds that apparently enjoy sleeping in the hanging flower pots.

Our ridiculous to do list for future yard work:

- trim large and small front yard trees
- trim very large shrubs at back fence, they are touching live wires
- remove unwanted shrubs in the back and side of house
- remove piece of hedge next to driveway and create step to porch
- remove giant growth next to shed
- rearrange existing small shrubs in front and side yard
- plant new hedge along sidewalk of side yard
- plant new shrubs and plants in back of house, especially back corner
- create patio in side yard and path from driveway to back door

I estimate this all will take at most two years to complete (hahaha that's a joke, maybe more like ten years). The hardest thing will be the patio, since I know it's seriously labor intensive. It will also be the most exciting yard project, because we'll finally be able to entertain outside and get a fire pit - who doesn't want a fire pit?!

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