July 16, 2013

moving into the burbs

Moving into the suburbs was a hard thing to do. I was used to walking everywhere and having stores, restaurants, and bars at my fingertips. But there were also things I wouldn't miss, like the gross smells (especially in the heat of the summer), basically heartless parking authority, and all the questionable people. I gave the burbs a chance, and somehow they really grew on me.

We looked for a house that would fit our 'want' list and found it in about a week. That turned out to be the really easy part.

So after about four months, we were able to call this beauty 'ours'. What we thought would take a month, took four times as long. Even considering the hot mess we went through, we were lucky to have bought our home when we did.

We closed on December 26th, not a bad Christmas present.

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