July 26, 2013

one year being married

We are celebrating a year of marriage this weekend, and I'm super excited about it! We're going to SoCal to celebrate!

I had so much fun our entire wedding day, getting pampered in the morning, seeing the husband for the first time that day, taking pictures with family and friends, seeing everyone smiling at the church, eating delicious food, and of course dancing. The best part of the entire day was that I got to spend it with my favorite person, who I can now call husband.

Because I love our wedding pictures, which were done by the talented Lauren and Tim Fair, I had to post some for our one year anniversary.

July 25, 2013

our tree got a trim

So we got our tree pruned yesterday, and I'm still in shock. Yes, it's only a tree, but in my defense it really changes the way our home looks.

It's like getting 12 inches of your hair chopped off and not recognizing yourself in the mirror. You don't know if you like it, actually you kind of hate it and think you might have made a huge mistake. Then somehow you get used to it, and finally it grows out just a little, and you end up loving it.

That's exactly how I feel about our tree. Apparently, it has little to no space for the roots to grow and so a lot of the branches were dried up and had to be cut off. The roots are slowly growing up and around the trunk, which isn't healthy for the tree, so it may eventually need to be cut down. Not to mention, it wasn't pruned for years, when it really should have been.

I looked for dramatic before and after shots on Google, but all I could find were trees with good 'bones':

Our tree doesn't have great structure like the trees above do, it's like a guy who gets a buzz cut and realizes his head is shaped funny. There's nothing we can do now but let it grow on us (no pun intended).

------ before ------

you can see all the dead branches in this view:

all the gnarly roots at the bottom of the trunk:

------ after ------

the shocking view ... it doesn't look as ridiculous in real life:

a comparison:

Maybe now that it has more room to breathe, it will fill on top next year, who knows. It'll definitely take some getting used to ...

July 24, 2013

brand spankin' new kitchen

It's a huge relief to have the kitchen done! The whole process started somewhere in March when we got quotes from contractors. Construction took about a month and finished right before the 4th of July. I now have more useful storage space, a better overall layout, appliances that work perfectly, a lot more light, clean cabinets inside and out, and the little island I always wanted.

The kitchen is mostly complete, but we still have to:

- stain threshold
- stain kitchen island
- paint walls, ceiling and trim
- replace back door


As far as issues go, there weren't many. The one thing I'm still trying to figure out is the garbage can situation. It doesn't fit under the sink and since we're short on space already, I didn't want to waste a whole cabinet on garbage (one of those pullout garbage and recycling cabinets). As far as problems go, this wasn't an HGTV worthy renovation.

July 22, 2013

floor plans and layouts

Like I mentioned before, our house was built in 1938. It's a typical old brick home with a small kitchen and small bathroom. At some point, an addition was done which added an office, master bathroom, and walk-in closet, and we updated our kitchen after we moved in. In general, we have plenty of living space and closet space.

I did a quick sketch of our floor plan, which by no means reflects what I learned in school. It's not to scale and not totally accurate, ain't nobody got time for that.

------ first floor ------

------ second floor ------

We couldn't decide where to put the sofa and the husband's gigantic flat screen. There were two options for the flat screen, in a corner or hanging on a wall.

------ option A ------
- more space in center of room
- larger sectional sofa, lots of seating
- tv farther on media cabinet

------ option B ------
- entryway created
- movable seating, not everyone on sofa
- tv on wall or on media cabinet
- space for bench near door

Option B, flat screen on the wall and a sectional with two chairs won. This layout gave us more of an entryway, which we didn't have before, movable seating, and allowed us to keep our large bookshelf in one piece. We need a lot more furniture to make this happen ... time to go shopping!